September 21, 2023 - The Premier Entrepreneurial Global Connection Event for Founders, Business Owners, Speakers, Authors and Influencers.


Our events virtual average between 200 and 300 Attendees from 12 Countries and 25 States. Now is the time for YOU to join us

The Art of Connection Summit is for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers from the United States and Europe to join us for a full-day event. The success has created a wave of interest from around the world, so much so that the entire Art of Connection Summit team has decided that we should invite the world to the party.

Come to our first ever Global Connection Summit! This event will span the globe and will reach thousands. It is YOUR turn to get on the virtual stage, showcase the magic of your gifts and create the connections that sustain business for a lifetime.

Meet Heart-Centered, Like Minded Thought Leaders from Around the World who will Teach, Train and Remain throughout the Event.

The Art of Connection Global Summit celebrates the spirit of connection that creates relationships. World-Class Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers will share their messages of perseverance, inspiration, and support. These experts will teach their secrets so YOU can create a better mission, write a better message, command more authority and attract more clients, through our personal, traditional media, and digital marketing panels.

Participate in Speed Training sessions Experts

Network with Prospects / Global Business Leaders

Engage with Our Panel Training Events

Attend Virtually from your Office or Home

5 Hours! Leading Authors, Speakers, Business Connection Experts, different learnshops, and unlimited possibilities…

Wholistic Connection: (4) Experts in the field of business coaching, brands, economy, content developing, and image will be sharing their secrets to building world-class connections.

Social Connections Panel: (4) Experts in the field of life and sales coaching, human behavior, public speaking, and style will be sharing their secrets to human connections.

Traditional Media Connection: (4) Experts in the field of publishing, building networks, executive coaching, ad purchasing, and marketing strategies will be sharing their secrets to traditional connections.

Digital Marketing Connection: (4) Experts in the field of social media, digital influencing, digital analytics, reputation building, and SEO will be sharing their secrets to building and maintaining digital connections.

Our Summit has Masterminding, breakouts, speed networking and workshops. The morning and afternoon sessions are all about personal improvement and business development and specific training. Our speaker presentations will take place throughout the day, you don't want to miss it!

Why This Event?

The Art of Connection Virtual Global Summit is the premier entrepreneurial event bringing together entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers from around the world. World-class professionals will share their experience, thoughts, and wisdom with a business community that has had to improvise, overcome, and adapt through some of the most uncertain and challenging times in recent memory.
Learn from the experts on how to create a movement, write a message that sizzles, command authority, and attract more clients.
It’s through cultivating relationships, broadening knowledge, and inspiring others that will lead to a lifetime of success.
· 16-panel experts talk shop, give their top advice and deliver easy and actionable tasks for every entrepreneur.
· Experience Micro learn shops led by panel experts throughout the day.
· Get intimate through private breakout room networking.
· Build real-life relationships with others across the world.

Struggles of 2023 Entrepreneurs

#1 reason why entrepreneurs are failing - They stop learning!

The Art of Connection
All-Day Virtual Event is for entrepreneurs who are serious about driving
revenue, building brands and speaking the language of their customers.

Watch, listen, and learn how to develop solid connections through everyday interactions from in-person to digital and traditional means.

You take away what you learn!
Can’t attend all day? Only interested in learning from targeted panels or specific speakers? Only have time for micro learn shops or private networking? You have the flexibility to attend throughout the day at the times that work best for you.
Art of Connection Global Summit Attendees Picture
Robert W. Jones and four leading experts in The Art of Connection, one panelist from each of the four panels, will co-host the after-hours VIP mastermind. Guests get to talk directly with the experts and have their most important questions answered. 

Stop Putting Today Off Until Tomorrow!

Just like you I had to learn how powerful connections are and how my business could benefit from building these connections. Taking classes, aligning with mentors, hiring professionals all have helped me to achieve my success as a #1 best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, radio show host, and publisher. Through learning how to develop the RIGHT connections, I have scaled my company 10X allowing me to work on my business instead of in my business.  

Connections go beyond network meetings and events; they are much deeper. When you truly learn how to connect in all areas of your personal and professional life, everything begins to fall into place.

I personally invite you to join me for a day of connecting, networking, and growing.

Robert W. Jones

Founder & Chairperson
iNETrepreneur Network 

Check Out a Few of Our Past Speakers

Dawna Campbell

Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love. She has over 25 years combined years of experience and is an international healer, professional speaker, and best-selling author. Dawna currently resides in Bigfork, Montana, is the President of her company, The Healing Heart, Inc. and has 3 beautiful children. Her personal Heart Centered Healing Philosophy is to live the life you love and love the life you live!

Craig Darling

Creator of Visibility Regimens™ Founder of Darling Digital and Darling Companies Managing, and training people to manage their Google My Business profiles and the associated Google tools. Google Tools are the least expensive, most effective ways to be found on the internet today. Craig, his wife Suzette, live in Chandler Arizona with their three dogs and three cats.

Donna Meader

Donna is an Empowerment Advocate, Best Selling Author, co-creator and half the talent in "The Meador Affect” coming out this summer on SimulTV. After the loss of her husband in 2016, her message of self-care took the media by storm - specializing in guiding entrepreneurs and individuals alike by offering strategic yet simple mindset shifts that provide, inspiration, clarity and purpose for those looking to flourish.

Dr. Joe Blake

Dr. Blake is a member of the West Valley Network Location. He served 13 - years and received 3 medals in the United States Air Force decorated with meritorious service. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, a Master of Arts in Organizational Management, and a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degrees from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Blake is a two-time bestselling author of Joseph, Building Financial Literacy, and Contributing Author of the Art of Connection.

Tim Johnson at the Art of Connection Summit

Tim Johnson

Timothy Johnson is an international speaker, bestselling author, radio show host and high level coach. As an Investor, he specializes in buying, selling, rehabbing & renting real estate nationally. Tim started off in the trades in Pennsylvania and Georgia in 1991, and now include Chicago and other areas, working on over 4,000 properties over the last 20 years. If you are currently in real estate and would like to 10x your business, or are interested in becoming a real estate investor, let's connect.

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