About the Art of Connection Summit

The Art of Connection Summit is based on the International Bestselling Book, Art of Connection - 365 Days of Networking Quotes

Why the Art of Connection Summit?

The Art of Connection Global Summit is the premier entrepreneurial event that brings together Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals from around the world. These world-class professionals will share their experience, thoughts, and wisdom with the business community.

Learn from prosperous, heart-driven, like-minded experts on how to create a movement, write a message that sizzles, command more authority, and attract more clients. Your voice matters! Cultivate the relationships, knowledge, and inspiration that will lead to your lifetime of success.

This event is bringing the world together. Attend straight through, attend1/2 the event, or come and go as your schedule allows. Tickets are valid for the entire event and everyone is welcome.

The Benefits of Attending Include:

  • Learning how to create local and global movements
  • Tapping into the ways to write a message that sizzles, command authority, and attract more clients
  • Building real-life relationships with those who are heart-centered and relationship focused
  • Connecting with publishers, show hosts, event producers, and experts who help businesses scale
  • Forming partnerships, scaling strategies, and more

Why this Event? Because YOUR voice matters! Cultivate the relationships, knowledge, and inspiration that will lead to your lifetime of success by attending the Art of Connection Global Summit.

Panel Discussion topics include:
Wholistic Panel – Developing a Heart-set / Mindset Consciousness for Greatness and Prosperity

Social Panel – Develop Better Interpersonal Communication that Embraces and Engages Your Business Base

Traditional Media Panel – Getting your Brand Out There! That is, Look, Feel, and “To Audience”

Digital Media Panel – Doing it Right, by Creating Awareness, Automation, Ascension Funnels

About the Art of Connection Creator

 Robert W. Jones is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Bestselling Author, TEDx Panelist, and Connector, with a demonstrated history of working in the internet and event planning industry. He is a strong business development professional skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Coaching, Sales, Event Management, Team Building, and Promotions. Trained as a horologist and jewelry maker, in addition to barista and property manager. And yes, he was a professional juggler as a renaissance faire fill-in! 

Robert hosts the iNETrepreneur Radio Show, moderates the iNET REAL Estate Academy and publishes the iNETrepreneur Magazine. He has received an honor for a Networking Group of the Year, Launch Team member of Realtor.com, Marketing Director E-Food Safety and Nuvilex, and National Sales award winner with Chanel He provides a Low Cost, High Impact way for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers to be seen, heard and create additional income.

Robert has served in the United States Marines, is a published poet, has performed on stage and on screen. He has served on boards, been a community activist, and although raised Jewish, participated in two church missions, and is a former Children’s Ministry teacher. His 3 claims to fame are overcoming childhood shyness to become an international speaker, setting the Marine Corps record in sit-ups, and once held the “most annoying man in the world title” as one of the original creators of pop-up ads.

Most of the time when Robert is not juggling his schedule around work, he is a devoted husband, participatory Father, lawn games enthusiast, and urban farmer. He believes that life is not determined by winning, but by success because there is only one winner, but with true success…. everyone wins!  

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