February 23, 2023 - 7AM Pacific Standard Time

Event: The Art of Connection Global Summit
Time: February 23, 2023 7am PST, 8am MST. 9am CST, 10am EST


7:00 am Breakout Room Networking
7:30 am  Event Opening with Angel Marie Monachelli
7:45 am  Dawna Campbell – Featured Speaker
8:25 am  Wholistic Connections Panel with Robert W. Jones
9:15 am  Wholistic Connections Laser Learnshops
with Craig Bruce, Lauren Archibeque, Joanne Angel BarryColon
10:05 am Social Connections Panel with Robert W. Jones
10:50 am Social Connections Laser Learnshops
with Mort Orman, M.D., Danielle Dittberner, and Buddy Thornton
11:20 am Audience Participation Hosted by Angel Marie, Robert, Shawn
11:30 am Shawn Jones – Spotlight Speaker


12:30 am Breakout Room Networking
1:00 pm Traditional Media Panel with Robert W. Jones
1:45 pm  Traditional Media Laser Learnshops
with Jill Lublin, Lori Osborne, Steve Sipress
2:30 pm  Jaclyn Zoccoli – Spotlight Speaker
3:30 pm  Digital Media Panel with Robert W. Jones
4:15 pm  Digital Media Panel Laser Learnshops
with Ryan Ellefsen, Craig Darling, Troy Hipolito
4:50pm  Breakout Room Networking
5:00pm  Event Ending
5:20pm  Final Thoughts and Takeaways!