Speakers, Hosts and Panel Leads

Featured Speaker, Dawna Campbell

The Mind Whisperer with Heart Centered Healing

Dawna combines her knowledge, wisdom, experience and talents to help people create a life of Happiness, Prosperity, and Love.  She has over 25 years combined years of experience and is an international healer, professional speaker, and best-selling author.  

Dawna shares the healing techniques that she has learned all around the world, including from yogic healers, Zen Buddhist Monks, and a Medicine Woman while maintaining a private practice.  She embodies life and lived in an Ashram (spiritual living community) for a year.  This has earned Dawna the title of “The Mind Whisperer” for creating instantaneous results for others in the areas of health, wealth, and relationships.  

Dawna has shared the stage with notables, such as Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale, Sharon Lechter and Kevin Harrington.  She has been featured on Roku TV, Fox News, NBC, and the Los Angeles Tribune.  Dawna’s educational background includes Business Administration Degree’s in both Finance and Marketing, spending over a decade as a Financial Planner and Managing Principal for an Investment Firm.  Her book, Financially Fit, is a #1 international best-seller for empowering others through the heart, mind, and soul to gain infinite prosperity.   Dawna currently resides in Bigfork, Montana, is the President of her company, The Healing Heart, Inc. and has 3 beautiful children.  Her personal Heart Centered Healing Philosophy is to live the life you love and love the life you live!

Event Host and Speaker, Shawn Jones

CEO of The iNETrepreneur Network, Best Selling Author, Trainer, Keynote Speaker

Shawn Jones is a two-time International Best-selling Author and the CEO of iNETrepreneur Network, the largest independently owned and internationally recognized entrepreneurial network.  She is a certified Keynote Speaker who speaks to business and educational communities. Shawn has served on various boards including Chambers of Commerce, member and Board Chair for Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and Town of Florence liaison. 

As an entrepreneur, she has founded and led several successful service-based companies in multiple states and has been involved with fundraising for non-profits that support youth, veterans, and seniors. Her life motto, ““No”, is not a roadblock. It is a pathway to a different route.”

Donna Meador, Lead Panelist, World Class Connections

Empowerment Advocate of the Meador Affect

Donna is an Empowerment Advocate, Best Selling Author, co-creator and half the talent in “The Meador Affect” coming out this summer on SimulTV. After the loss of her husband in 2016, her message of self-care took the media by storm – specializing in guiding entrepreneurs and individuals alike by offering strategic yet simple mindset shifts that provide, inspiration, clarity and purpose for those looking to flourish.

One of her favorite’s is showing people how to save time, money, and aggravation in the US and Canada, by utilizing LegalShield, a low-monthly, subscription based service. It’s a passion that turned into a mission. “As a widow who was denied a claim and then received over $13,000 because this service wrote a letter on my behalf, well, that’s just too good a benefit to keep a secret.”

Diana Hooker, Lead Panelist, Human Connections

Founder of DLH Financial and Living Your Greatness Coaching

She empowers her clients to find and to utilize their gifts so they can live and work their abundance in all areas of their lives. This is accomplished with years of experience developing tools customized to the client’s dreams and goals and their perspective of those dreams and goals. She also hosts a Daring Greatly Power Hour workshop once a month where she covers topics to enhance personal growth and leadership.

She is a best-selling contributing author in the collaborative books Goodness Abounds and 365 Soulful Messages. She is currently writing her solo book, Living Your Greatness; Finding Your Freedom in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to be released in November 2021.

When the realization that all the things we perceive as negative are putting us on a path to greatness, we can start focusing on the positive around the corner versus the adversity in the moment. The struggles we face are building the characteristics we need, so find a way to embrace all the good, all the bad, and all the ugly because something wonderful is waiting for you. To connect with Diana and learn more about her workshops and her work to empower you to live and work your abundant life, you may email her at DLH_Financial@cinci.rr.com.

Jill Lublin, Lead Panelist, Traditional Media

International speaker, 4x Best-Selling Author, and Master Publicity Strategist

Her latest book, The Profit of Kindness went #1 in four categories. She is CEO of a strategic consulting firm with over 25 years experience working with over 100,000 people plus national and international media. 

Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course, and speaks all over the world. She also helps authors to create book deals with major publishers and agents, and well as obtain foreign rights deals. Visit publicitycrashcourse.com/freegift and jilllublin.com

Craig Darling, Lead Panelist, Digital Connections

Creator of Visibility Regimens™ Founder of Darling Digital and Darling Companies

Managing, and training people to manage their Google My Business profiles and the associated Google tools. Google Tools are the least expensive, most effective ways to be found on the internet today.

Craig, his wife Suzette, live in Chandler Arizona with their three dogs and three cats.

Robert W. Jones, Panel Facilitator, Speaker, and Event Conductor

Creator of Visibility Regimens™ Founder of Darling Digital and Darling Companies

Robert W. Jones is known for being an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Bestselling Author, TEDx Panelist, and Master Connector. Robert hosts the iNETrepreneur Radio Show, moderates the iNET REAL Estate and Professional Development Academies, and publishes the iNETrepreneur Magazine and the thought leader behind the Art of Connection 365 Movement.

He has received an honor for a Networking Group of the Year, Launch Team member of Realtor.com, Marketing Director for E-Food Safety and Nuvilex, and National Sales award winner with Chanel. Robert provides a Low Cost, High Impact way for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers to be seen, heard, and create additional income.