The Framework of World Class Connections Speaker Panel

Donna Meador

Empowerment Advocate of the Meador Affect

Donna is an Empowerment Advocate, Best Selling Author, co-creator and half the talent in “The Meador Affect” coming out this summer on SimulTV. After the loss of her husband in 2016, her message of self-care took the media by storm – specializing in guiding entrepreneurs and individuals alike by offering strategic yet simple mindset shifts that provide, inspiration, clarity and purpose for those looking to flourish.

One of her favorite’s is showing people how to save time, money, and aggravation in the US and Canada, by utilizing LegalShield, a low-monthly, subscription based service. It’s a passion that turned into a mission. “As a widow who was denied a claim and then received over $13,000 because this service wrote a letter on my behalf, well, that’s just too good a benefit to keep a secret.” For more information contact Donna at

Vanessa Lucey

Habit Expert at The Growth Company

“For over 20 years, Lucey Accounting Services has been a premier partner for any individual or business who is in need of accounting services. Whether you are in need of Quickbooks, general accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax preparation, we can help!

Our services are mobile, so we can bring our services to you. Give us a call today for more information! (480) 656-9613″


Diana Hooker

Founder & Publisher at Mind Spirit Works

She empowers her clients to find and to utilize their gifts so they can live and work their abundance in all areas of their lives. This is accomplished with years of experience developing tools customized to the client’s dreams and goals and their perspective of those dreams and goals. She also hosts a Daring Greatly Power Hour workshop once a month where she covers topics to enhance personal growth and leadership.
She is a best-selling contributing author in the collaborative books Goodness Abounds and 365 Soulful Messages. She is currently writing her solo book, Living Your Greatness; Finding Your Freedom in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to be released in November 2021.

When the realization that all the things we perceive as negative are putting us on a path to greatness, we can start focusing on the positive around the corner versus the adversity in the moment. The struggles we face are building the characteristics we need, so find a way to embrace all the good, all the bad, and all the ugly because something wonderful is waiting for you. To connect with Diana and learn more about her workshops and her work to empower you to live and work your abundant life, you may email her at

Jonathan Bengel

Speaker, Educator and Enrolled Agent

Jonathan Bengel is an IRS Enrolled Agent. Federally Authorized to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. However, he is known as the Business Profit Tax Coach & Teacher Extraordinaire, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. For over 18 years he has guided established women, and a few good men, entrepreneurs through the darkness of taxation, and shines the light to financial happiness.

He is the host of his own youtube channel, Naked Tax Talk raw, where he and his guests come together to openly talk about their personal lives, business lives, and money. In 2020, he wrote his first #1 Best Amazon Selling book, nationally and internationally, “The ABC’s of Deductions: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Tax WriteOffs.” He is the President and founder of JB Financial LLC, and Tax Tiger Consulting, Inc; which is responsible for his premier online course Rapid Tax Savings Formula, a 5-week program designed to take entrepreneurs through the five pillars of profits. As Jonathan says, “Let’s remember why we went into business, it’s all about muncho muncho dinero.”

Tami Jaffe

Breakout Growth Expert

Tami is a success coach, energy shifter, author, and speaker who inspires successful professionals who are dreaming to resign and do something new.  Tami helps guide her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business. Her Amazon #1 best-selling book You Already Made the Decision, You Just Aren’t Happy With It, is a guide on how to make better decisions or live with the ones you’ve already made.


She has made it her mission to liberate independent success-minded professionals from the shackles of a corporate career so they can start, grow and scale their own business and not only replace their corporate income but exceed it. She teaches you what to do when in your business to have the most success and not waste time and money on the shiny objects that can be a distraction.


Tami offers a wide range of coaching and consulting services and programs from inspiring retreats, a business school, individual coaching, online courses, workshops, masterminds and keynote speeches aimed to support entrepreneurs to reach their highest visions by getting clarity on their future and developing the courage and confidence to claim a better life.