The Heart and Mind of Wholistic Connections Speaker Panel

Jennifer Farrar

Founder of Healing Peace Within, Author, International Healer, Teacher, Speaker

Jennifer Farrar, Healing Peace Within, is an international healer, teacher, and speaker with 24 years of experience in the holistic and alternative health field.  Jennifer’s greatest joy is to use her skills as an Empath to navigate each session for her clients to heal their deepest wounds.  Jennifer holds their souls in her hands as she guides them to their peace within.  When this deep healing is facilitated magical breakthroughs ensue.

Her passion is to empower her clients to create beyond their wildest imaginings.  Her philosophy is to release what no longer serves you, then energetically instill positive beliefs and emotions to cultivate and accelerate transformation for you to be able to create your best life personally and professionally.  She uses a variety of energetic techniques and modalities to facilitate your empowerment with speed and ease.

Rebecca Murtagh

Human AI Institute, Entrepreneur, Futurist, Author, Speaker, and CEO

Rebecca Murtagh shows executives and entrepreneurs how to leverage human connection to realize their goals and dreams, faster.

A futurist, author, speaker, and CEO, Rebecca is a trusted advisor to C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs eager to make a positive impact on their organization, team, community, industry, and the world.

Rebecca leverages 30+ years and 100,000+ hours of experience working with Fortune 500, global brands, startups, funded ventures, and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Main Street and everything in between to reveal how proven methods and the latest science accelerate success, promote high-performance, harmony, satisfaction, and joy in work and life.

Shiraz Baboo

Founder of Energetic Magic, Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker

Shiraz is the founder of Energetic Magic and is an Award-Winning Author, International Speaker, and Reality Interventionist. His book, How to rewrite reality has changed lives across the globe. 

He helps business professionals to annihilate your unconscious addiction to stories of struggle and lack, resulting in an abundance of free time, money, and energy.

 Shiraz is hired to help entrepreneurs and business owners remove the blocks that are keeping you from living the life you desire. By combining life coaching with several energetic modalities, our clients can see results in as little as one session in any area of life.

Krys Pappius

Mindset Coach for Women, Speaker, Mentor

As a Mindset Coach, I help women who wake up at night wondering “Is this all there is?” create a vision for the life they REALLY want, based on their values and life purpose, and I help them implement the changes they need to make in order to make that vision their reality.
My purpose is to help clarify what a purpose driven life means to them. I help them create a vision of that life and I then support them as they implement the changes they need to make. 

My clients are action-oriented women who are no longer willing to merely survive – they want to thrive by living life on their own terms and they want to feel good about doing so.