The Heart and Mind of Wholistic Connections Speaker Panel

Michele Vilseck

Public Speaker, Writer, Fitness Instructor, and "Food Coach"

Michele V (Vilseck) is public speaker, writer, fitness instructor, and “Food coach who doesn’t talk about food.”  She helps busy entrepreneurs and professionals stop stress eating and emotional eating and release stubborn weight by rewiring their mental and emotional attachments to food.

After a more than 15 year battle, Michele reversed digestive pain and food sensitivities, which at one point had her eating only 5 foods, conquered her compulsive eating problem…and discovered the world’s fastest tool for reprogramming your brain!

And now it’s her mission to help you END the struggle with weight and food for good!

Teresa Porter

Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, and Emotional Release Practitioner

As a massage therapist, yoga instructor, and emotional release practitioner, Teresa Porter has operated in the health and fitness industry for over 22 years. Performing as a massage therapist since 1999, she has seen firsthand how negative trapped emotions and lack of self-care contribute to physical issues such as autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. 

Her expertise will take you on a personalized journey of self-awareness by understanding your negative patterns and transforming them into positive practices for success. The Porter Method, Teresa’s unique methodology, utilizes emotional release techniques, including integrating physical movement and inner peace work. Her specialized formula requires you to learn how to release your subconscious blocks, align with your authentic self, and provide you the tools to reset and create a life by design.

Jackie Simmons

Author, Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Transformational Coach

Author and International Speaker, Jackie Simmons, believes in tackling complex and challenging topics and making sense out of them. As the creator of Conscious Transformational Coaching, Jackie believes that you deserve to guarantee results for your clients, every session, every time.

When you work with Jackie, she’s going to offer you some different thought processes. Jackie always shares alternatives to get you unstuck, find out what’s true and what’s not true – spot the elephant in the room – so that you can have what you want and what you deserve.

Jackie and her 3 daughters are on a mission to make teen suicide a thing of the past. The mission has grown to include two books, 3 programs, and “The Talk” that saves lives which Jackie presented at TEDx TenayaPaseo in Las Vegas.

Michelle Goss

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Spirit Mountain Healing Services

“Michelle Goss is owner of  a 501c3 nonprofit organization who engages people and horses in horse guided life coaching activities. In horse guided life coaching, you’ll find horses have unique healing powers that no other animal possesses. You see, horses are not focused on the past or the future as you tend to be. In the sessions, my horses help you to learn new ways to heal as it is in the present moment when the healing process takes place. And because the present moment is where horses live, what better way to start learning how to be in the present moment than with my horses?

I, myself, have personally experienced the amazing healing power of horses when dealing with issues of the heart, mind, emotions and the spirit. Whether life issues, relationship issues, grief/loss, or other issues, my horse guided life coaching is life transforming. Horses have the innate instincts to help you determine what it is you need during the horse guided life coaching sessions. And, after all these years, I still find it astonishing and amazing to behold the powers my horses have to know what my client needs at the moment.”