Creating Digital Media Marketing Connections Speaker Panel

Ira Rosen

Co-Founder of Mojo Global, Connector, Trainer, Strategist, Digital Pioneer

Featured in Forbes for over 1 million client bookings. Ira and his business partner, Cory Sanchez are considered to be top 1% influencers in the world by LinkedIn Corporation. Over the last 12 years they have trained 100,000’s of entrepreneurs on how to create predictable targeted leads and revenue.

Ira Rosen and Cory Sanchez were winners of the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award through the Phoenix Business Journal, They have also been Featured in Forbes Magazine and are “Best Selling Authors” with customers in 50+ countries.

A couple of interesting things about Ira. He has been an avid runner and over the years has run over 100k miles and was on the US OLYMPIC Wrestling team as an alternate (not the last Olympics). 

Catherine Napoli

Co-Founder of Marketing Success Pros, Creative, TEDx Speaker, Author

Catherine is the co-founder of Marketing Success Pros. A more creative force, Catherine is the ideas person. Ideas and inspiration seem to just come to her. Her specialty is taking a client’s disconnected branding and marketing and making a cohesive and consistent message, creating a path of growth and renewal. 

Catherine enjoys crafting solutions that make sense to each client’s unique situation. She is all about attracting the right clients to a business, so businesses grow organically.

From being a lifeguard and swim instructor to being a software developer and trainer to marketing, Catherine enjoys creating solutions. She is a natural born visionary.

Lori Osborne

Founder Chief Solution Architect for BizBolster, Speaker, Bestselling Author

Lori Osborne is the Founder and Chief Solution Architect for BizBolster Web Solutions, a public speaker, and a published best-selling author. Lori designs websites and sets up SEO tools that attract new prospects and build the know, like, and trust factors for those prospects when they land on your website. 

Lori has over 30 years of experience in technology and has been a small business owner for over 15 so she understands the challenges small business owners face with technology and digital marketing solutions. Her goal is to increase sales for small business owners and non-profits while taking the technology woes off your plate, allowing you to do what you love while I do what I love!

Makram Jreissat

A 30 under 30 Entrepreneur, Influencer Software Developer, Business Marketer

I do not think that anything is impossible. My persistent nature combined with my optimism and creativity will allow me to succeed in any endeavor that comes my way.

My challenges have allowed me to become a more hard-working, grateful, and optimistic individual. When I do any type of work, I put all the effort that I possibly can rather than the bare minimum because of my realization that life is too short.

If I don’t know how to do something, I learn it. I do and learn whatever it takes to get the job done.