Creating Digital Media Marketing Connections Speaker Panel

Ryan Ellefsen

High Risk Merchant Processing Savant, Direct Response Marketing Expert

Ryan Ellefsen has a unique perspective on merchant processing as it relates to direct response marketing, seminar, coaching/consulting, launch models, subscription billing, and other higher-risk types of offers.

Ryan has created payment solutions that provide entrepreneurs and merchants the tools they need to successfully navigate markets that aren’t well understood by banks and regulatory agencies.

With an understanding of both the marketing/sales side, as well as the processing/risk side of the equation, Ryan excels in successfully underwriting and managing accounts of all kinds and has built several successful businesses in the credit card arena.  Ryan loves working with channel partners, integrations, referral partners, and other win/win partnerships. 

Craig Darling

Google Business Agency for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Craig is a sought-after speaker who has given keynote addresses at the Consumer Electronics Convention and the Phoenix Metro Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo. 

Craig is also a contributor to the international best-seller One Percent More and the first two legacy books, “The Art of Connection.” Both are bestsellers as well.

His forthcoming contribution to The Art of Connection 3 is due in December 2022. He lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife.

Troy Hipolito

LinkedIn Influencer and Business Coach, Hosts The Troy Show, Bestselling Author

Troy Hipolito helps businesses create an “Attraction Model”. Stop chasing clients and have them come to you. Creating content with a purpose and book meetings to close clients the right way.

Full-service LinkedIn consulting to à la carte offerings for, profile updates, video production, original campaigns, posting content, and bookings of meetings through humans that help you gain high-value clients. We have a great team that takes a human and serious approach to make it happen.