Creating Digital Media Marketing Connections Speaker Panel

Justin James

Entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and speakers

With more than 20 years of experience, Justin has been there and done that.  From spectacular success to fantastic failures, Justin knows what works and what doesn’t and is willing to share that priceless knowledge with you. Whether you need help to get focused and create a clear vision for your event, assistance in outlining your event program, or just need someone to help you figure out if you’re ready to create a stellar live event, Justin’s got your solutions.

Craig Darling

Creator of Visibility Regimens™ Founder of Darling Digital and Darling Companies

Managing, and training people to manage their Google My Business profiles and the associated Google tools. Google Tools are the least expensive, most effective ways to be found on the internet today. Craig, his wife Suzette, live in Chandler Arizona with their three dogs and three cats.

Ira Rosen

Featured in Forbes Magazine for helping Mojo Global's customers book over 1 million appointments.

He has done something few ever accomplished “Cracking the Code” on LinkedIn B2B Prospecting, by filling calendars with perfect prospects. Ira and his business partner, Cory Sanchez are considered to be top 1% influencers in the world by LinkedIn Corporation. Over the last 12 years they have trained 100,000’s of entrepreneurs on how to create predictable targeted leads and revenue. Ira Rosen and Cory Sanchez were winners of the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award through the Phoenix Business Journal, They have also been Featured in Forbes Magazine and are “Best Selling Authors” with customers in 50+ countries. A couple of interesting things about Ira. He has been an avid runner and over the years has run over 100k miles and was on the US OLYMPIC Wrestling team as an alternate ( not the last Olympics) . Ira lives in Scottsdale with his lovely wife Shirley,and loves that he lives within 10 minutes of both his Daughters. Kyna and Saari.

Nick South

Director of Sales at SoTellUs and manages the reputation and marketing for over 3,800 businesses in 27 countries.

SoTellUs is the world’s only review platform that let’s businesses instantly capture video, audio and written reviews from their customers using an app in less than 30 seconds. The very best reviews are automatically marketed online for the businesses’ through their website, social media sites and search engines. This combination of video reviews, powerful review marketing and automated referral system has changed the review industry as we know it.

Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor

Storyteller, Marketing Strategist and International Entrepreneur

Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor is the founder of The TUIT Group, CEO of Creative Raven and Owner/Director of TUIT Infratech Pvt Ltd. Ms. Chin has over 25 years experience in creating cost-effective, innovative marketing communications solutions to help clients better understand their market, strategically position their organizations, build brand awareness, generate opportunities and develop business alliances. Suzan is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, delivering best-selling Everything DiSC tools that unlock the potential of an organization’s people, improve working relationships and communication, strengthen management skills, elevate leadership, tackle conflict and create lasting productive and empowering workplace cultures. 

Her firms attract a wide range of clients within the water, wastewater and civil infrastructure sectors—from fast-track companies that engage her team as an outsourced marketing department to midsize organizations that need to improve management skills to international corporations that need help with a specific project. Ms. Chin holds a BS Degree in Marketing and an MS Degree in Marketing & International Business. She is a frequent keynote speaker on the subjects of branding, company positioning, content marketing and publicity strategy.