Creating Better and Deeper Social Connections Speaker Panel

Mort Orman, M.D.

Physician, Stress and Anger Elimination Expert, Author and Publisher

Dr. Mort Orman, M.D. is an internal medicine physician with 40 years of success as an anger elimination expert.

He is creator of “I Can’t Believe I’m Not Angry Anymore,” a 10-session quick anger mastery program. Dr. Orman has led more than 100  anger and stress elimination workshops for doctors, nurses, lawyers, business owners, entrepreneurs, other professionals, and even the F.B.I. 

He has also been the official sponsor of National Stress Awareness Month in the U.S. every April since 1992.


Danielle Dittberner

Holistic Transformation Coach, Movitator, Speaker and Author

Danielle Dittberner is a holistic transformation coach specializing in Post Traumatic Growth. She founded Reach 4 More to serve as a mirror for others to see their own greatness, catalyze conscious awareness, and break the addictive habit of chasing external validation of worth.

As an artist at heart, Danielle encourages people to embrace their inner child and creativity, and stretch beyond their comfort zones, so they can reclaim confidence and respect their life force energy.



Buddy Thornton

Speaker, Author, Life and Parent Coach, and Mediator for B2B and Family Conflict

Buddy Thornton is the owner of BCT Mediations PLUS. His company works with owners and managers on conflict management skills, offers mediation where requested and works with partnership startups to design end-game scenarios, in addition to family and community conflict management services.

Buddy has been in this for more than a decade and was the co-chair of the ethics for Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators. Buddy also offers World-Class Parenting Dynamics Classes and Public or Private Parent Coaching.