Creating Better and Deeper Social Connections Speaker Panel

Diana Hooker

Founder of DLH Financial and Living Your Greatness Coaching, Author, Speaker

Diana empowers her clients to find and to utilize their gifts so they can live and work their abundance in all areas of their lives. This is accomplished with years of experience developing tools customized to the client’s dreams and goals and their perspective of those dreams and goals.

She is a best-selling contributing author in the collaborative books Goodness Abounds, Art of Connection and 365 Soulful Messages. She is currently writing her solo book, Living Your Greatness; Finding Your Freedom in the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

When the realization that all the things we perceive as negative are putting us on a path to greatness, we can start focusing on the positive around the corner versus the adversity at the moment. The struggles we face are building the characteristics we need.

Emmie Saavedra

Fostering the Global Vision that we are all with TCI Champions, BANK Trainer

Emmie’s vision is to create a world of great leaders leading with love, courage and excellence. She is committed to being everyone’s champion in creating a community of champions, where everyone wins. Being a powerful source of education and training resources that support small and medium-size businesses, and independent entrepreneurs to create the impact, influence and income they desire.

As President of the Champions Institute, she teams of expert coaches, trainers and consultants on elevating sales, communication and leadership skills, producing outstanding results that stand the test of time. Having clear, proven and time-tested systems for success is a huge part of what her team  does best. Creating and strategizing best business partnerships is key to our mission, where everyone WINS.

Addie Rausch

Co-Founder of Life Skills for Confidence, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor

Addie is dedicated to giving Teens and Tweens the critical life skills necessary to be happy, confident, and successful people now and as they become adults. Mother of a confident daughter and happy wife of over 12 years.  Addie Rausch’s successes up to this point have led to her becoming a Teen Empowerment Trainer at Life Skills for Confidence.  

She produced a program for Teens that is available online from the lessons her mother wrote years before. She is proud to be a Teen advocate, influencer, leader in her communities, and Public Speaker.

For Addie, life has been the proving ground that critical life skills include communication skills, social skills, sense of purpose and self-love.  And when you have those – confidence follows!

Chris Kielbart

Financial Coach, Full Spectrum Financial Architect with Primerica

Chris Kielbart has been working in the financial industry for over 10 years. Before and during part of that 10 years I was a serial job hopper, looking for something I could be passionate about. Never imagined it would be in this industry. 

In that 10 years, my wife and I have had 5 beautiful children. We have always had a focus on helping families like ours get the education and services they need to reach their goals. My team and I are especially poised to help due to the array of services we offer from life insurance to investing and mortgage lending.