Creating Better and Deeper Social Connections Speaker Panel

Stuart Gethner

Mentor, Educator, Coach, and Real Estate Consultant and Trainer

Stuart Gethner is a seasoned Real Estate Investor who has personally invested in over 10 million dollars in single-family residences, commercial properties, industrial complexes, land opportunities, and hard-money lending transactions. More recently, Stuart has had the opportunity to educate off-stages nationally and internationally on the topic of Joint Ventures within Real Estate Investing.

Now, the CEO of Gethner Education, Coaching & Consulting, Stuart has coached hundreds of students on how to successfully invest. He also founded and actively heads up Networking REI, a thriving real estate investing group that meets monthly. Additionally, Stuart is a Forbes Real Estate Council contributor, AZREIA Instructor, and Contributing Editor to the Real Estate Agent Magazine.

Michelle Smith

Owner, Entrepreneur, Founder, Speaker and Marketing Expert

Michelle spent decades helping organizations get better results. She’s led daycares, hospitals, nonprofits, schools, churches, entrepreneurs, direct marketing teams, and more in reaching their goals. After a long career of serving her community while pushing aside taking care of herself and her family, Michelle realized she was burned out and knew she needed a more sustainable lifestyle. She started her own company, Z&B Consulting, named after her two sons, Zach and Ben, so she could spend more time with them.

Now Michelle spends her days helping non-profits and entrepreneurs build the life of their dreams while still earning enough to maintain their lifestyles by working smarter, not harder. In addition to serving businesses, she continues to serve her community. Michelle is the President of the Romeoville Rotary, on the board of the Romeoville Chamber, Past President of the Romeoville HS Choir Boosters, and volunteers on Sundays at church.

Jeff Morris

Jeff is a Master Trainer, Executive Career Strategist, and DEI expert.

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience delivering award-winning coaching, training, and mentoring solutions. Jeff is a two-time best-selling author. Jeff has participated in an Amazon best-selling collaborative on Veterans Unemployment. Financial Magazine has recognized him for service to underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Jeff has a passion for coaching, training, educating, and mentoring the next generations of leaders and influencers. Jeff is an expert in team development, having coached more than three hundred teams over his career as a coach, trainer, and strategist. Jeff’s expertise has led him to develop a proprietary methodology for developing high-performance teams. Jeff’s proprietary solutions help teams place each member of the team in the “right” role to accomplish the mission, improve overall cohesion, communications, and effectiveness. 

Tricia Livermore

Founder of Soul Business Advisor LLC and Heart-Centered, Mindset Coach

Tricia Livermore guides women from self-doubt and self-sabotage through self-compassion to self-empowerment so they can stand in their power and speak their truth. She supports them by creating new habits to bring their daily thoughts into alignment with their heart wisdom to live in peace and harmony. Her passion is helping others resolve inner conflict, realign to their values and renew their spirit to live their truest life. Tricia’s intuitive approach to working with clients awakens their inner wisdom for self-discovery and personal growth by transitioning their thinking from their mind to their heart. 

She is a HeartMath™ Certified Mentor and a Mental Fitness Coach utilizing the Positive Intelligence platform which brings the heart and mind into harmony. Tricia is also a business coach and mentor with Shiftco. Global where she supports conscious entrepreneurs launch and grow their small business. With over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience, she understands all of the demands of a solo-entrepreneur in supporting both their business and personal growth.