Art of Connection Summit Panel Overviews

The Art of Connection Summit is based on the International Bestselling Book, Art of Connection - 365 Days of Networking Quotes

The Art of Connection Panels

The Art of Connection Summit. An event based upon the interactions of connections for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, and Influencers. An event to interact with others, learn from the panels and speakers, and set up appointments with other professionals who served and need to be served.


The Framework of the Wholistic Connections Panel 
Start Time
7:30am  Wholistic Connections Panel
8:25am  Micro Learnshops with Panelists

The first panel is the Wholistic Connections panel. We have a belief that all interactions start with self. That is the Heart Set Mindset of the internal framework of the business professional. Have you been stuck? Is your mind full of head trash? Do you have self-defeating thoughts? Do you practice self-care and motivation? Have you, and how do you create a path of self-value? We discuss this and more on the Wholistic Connections panel.

Creating Better and Deeper Social Connections Panel
Start Time
9:05am  Social Connections Panel
9:55am  Micro Learnshops with Panelists

The second panel is the Social Connections panel. On this panel, we explore the personal space and place of Social Connections and interactions between professionals. Are you interacting and engaging enough with others? Do you feel isolated and alone during this time of social distancing? Do you. or have you developed a tribe that builds your self-esteem? Are you confident in front of a prospect, stage, and camera? We discuss this and more on the Human Connections Panel.

Understanding and Capitalizing on Traditional Media and Marketing Connections Panel
Start Time
12:30pm  Traditional Media Connections Panel
1:20pm  Micro Learnshops with Panelists

The third panel is the Traditional Media panel. When we think of traditional media, we may think of mass communication which includes television, newspapers, books, radio, and magazines. And for many professionals, the thought is that this medium has been diminished in recent years. It hasn’t. Did you know that traditional media channels are growing once again? Or that traditional media has the most lengthy “self-life” of credible awareness? Or that, traditional media does not always mean big dollars for little to no results. And, that traditional media is trackable?

Formulating Strategy and Developing Content for Digital Media Technologies Connections Panel
Start Time
3:10pm  Digital Media Connections Panel
4:00pm  Micro Learnshops with Panelists

The fourth panel is the Digital Media panel. For most of us, digital media has been the pathway or the scourge to a business professional’s success. With the vast amount of data, the seemingly endless technologies coming out, and the inability for most entrepreneurs to create and develop technology oversight, no wonder Digital Media can be frustrating. Do you understand what online engagement is? Are you able to assess the return on investment that you receive? Do your mission and message come through with clarity and meaning?

The Art of Connection Summit. An event is not just a networking, group training, and informational event, it is a new foundation of the “new-new” normal, the way that business should be and can be done.  The Art of Connection Summit is the interactions, connections, engagement Summit for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, C-Suite, and Influencers. A place where connections are the starting point of conversation, collaboration, and commerce